God, in the Church.

“This weekend, I am giving God one last chance. I came to Camp and asked God to prove me that He exists that He is really there. If He does not answer, I am done with the Church, and with God.” He went on to tell me that his parents had been deported recently and that he had been left alone in this country. He also mentioned how he had not received any love or support from his church since he was left all by himself. “Two weeks ago I got a tattoo on my arm and went to church knowing I would be rejected, and I was, from the moment I went in till I left, everyone looked at me weird and different, I wanted them to prove me wrong, but I was right, they mistreated me.” He finished with the following punch line: “It is easier to believe in Satan than to believe in God, because I see more people who act like Satan, than people who act like God, in the Church.” I feel bad writing this, but that is exactly what he told me; and I am really hoping that this young man’s experience is the exception to the rule, but is it?