“My Life”

There are quotation marks around our lives. What we are saying with our lives makes a difference to others. We may not say a word but what we do speaks volumes. Let the volume of our actions be louder than the volume of our words. The world would rather see a sermon. The world wants to see how we live before we say, “We come in the name of the Lord.”

The world does not need compassion that says, “Here is what I will do for you.” The world craves compassion that willingly remains and lovingly responds after asking, “What is it you would have me to do?”

Some of us are quick to do for the sake of applause. Fewer are those who care less if they are numbered among those that serve. Will we be a compassionate people that walks in the storm and keeps company with others as the winds of strife howl in our ears? True compassion sees a need for presence more than words, for caring more than casual assistance, for service more than acclaim.