Word from the Cross

After issuing this great cry, He whispered, “I thirst.”

In the fourth chapter of John, Jesus told the woman at the well that, “I could give you water to drink and you’ll never have to thirst again. I’ve got a river of life that springs up, in the everlasting life.”

He also said, ” …everyone who thirsts, come and drink from a fountain that never runs dry.” Jesus is the river of life and the source of all water.

In the beginning, He spoke and caused His Spirit to move upon the firmament of the waters so that the world would exist. This same Jesus now said, “I thirst.”

He is the source of all life. And yet, He cried, “I thirst.”

If Jesus can thirst, can you imagine the world – your community? The communities we belong to are thirsty for something. You can be the conduit that brings relief by showing compassion. Jesus showed it even on the cross. We can show it. So today lets have compassion on a thirsty community.

As you serve today, tweet #ithirstafterrighteousness

by Pastor Roger Wade