Compassion comes from the heart of Jesus by Pernille Rasmussen

As I began to think about compassion, I was at first looking for good experiences where I have shown compassion to others. But once again I realized that first of all, I am not the giver of compassion, but rather the one who needs to receive compassion. God has been so good and merciful to me throughout my whole life and shown me real compassion. First of all the question is not: What is compassion, but rather: Who is compassion? And the answer is God. When Adam and Eve chose to break their relationship with God and bring sin and suffering into the world, they were afraid and hid themselves in the garden. But God is a God of love and compassion and He humbled Himself, came down to the garden and called Adam’s name – not with a stern or angry voice, but with the most tender and loving voice they ever heard. And today this voice is still calling out to you, and to every person who needs Jesus and His compassion.