Not really, I am not feeling well”

I leaned over the counter to touch her hand and looked into her eyes and asked her if she was okay? Again, I looked at her name tag and asked…Monique are you okay? She smiled and answered “Not really, I am not feeling well” She explained to me the symptoms and I listened. I asked her if there was any possibility that she could go home and she explained to me that she could not go home early. I opened my backpack and handed her a pack of tissues and some gum. In my backpack I also found some Vitamin C drops and handed those to her too. She was completely taken aback that a complete stranger was being so kind to her. She thanked me so many times and asked me why I was concerned about her? To which I replied, because I was asked too, she looked at me and after a few seconds of silence thanked me again and said “God Bless You” to which I replied,” Monique God Bless You too and I told her that I will be praying that she feels better.